Seems like everyone has an opinion about Chick-fil-a and how they donate their money and what that means. I am not going to add my opinion to the mix. I don’t care what you think about Chick-fil-a, and I imagine you feel the same about me. I am going to share a story about my recent decision to boycott Jack in the Box.

I have been interviewing since May for school counselor positions. My dream is to stay in my district, but in an effort to open new doors and sharpen my interview skills, I have been interviewing in surrounding districts. On July 16th I had an interview in at a school in a neighboring district that was, according to Google Maps, 50 minutes away. I planned to take a toll road, George Bush, that I knew would save time. That morning I got up early, got ready, drank my coffee, grabbed my jacket, heels, resume folder, and headed out the door. I knew the first part of my journey, but not the last. But I had mapped it on my phone with turn by turn directions that morning! About 20 minutes into my drive, I dig in my ginormous yellow purse for my phone. No dice. I left it at home next to my Keurig coffee maker. I could see it in my head, just sitting there where it would do me no good. So what is a girl to do? Freak out. Just a little. I start to formulate a plan. I’ll go as far as I can remember, then pull off when I see a gas station to use the phone and call my husband to give me directions. This plan is brilliant, except that the toll road was very recently built and the exits were mostly empty right next to the highway. I was not going to get off and wander down roads away from the highway. It wouldn’t have been quite as big of a deal, but an accident somewhere down the road caused slow traffic that I wasn’t expecting. So now I was not running early or on time; I was running late and I had to pull off and get directions! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to take the Dallas North Tollway or 35. I exited just after the Dallas North Tollway on Josey, when I saw a strip mall. Nothing would be open that early, but I saw a Jack in the Box! I went in and frantically explained that I needed to use the phone that I was on my way to a job interview without my cell phone and needed directions. The sweet employee called her manager. I again told my situation (FRANTICALLY) to the manager, who replied that it is against their policy to let people use their phone. I tried to explain that it was basically an emergency, but she said no and walked away. Strike one. I was floored! Couldn’t she see I was desperate?! So I decided to bother customers. A man, who looked to be of Indian descent and was playing on his giant Note phone, ignored me as I tried to get his attention; he had already heard my plea with the staff. Strike two. I walked to a table of two Hispanic women talking over breakfast and started to recite my speech. She let me use her phone! Score! I called my husband who Googled directions from my location, which I wrote on the back of one of my resumes. I got to the job interview FIFTEEN MINUTES LATE. I relayed my crazy morning story, and after a successful interview, got a call back interview (although I was eventually offered this job, I took one in my district).

I could not believe that in my time of need, a real emergency to me, Jack in the Box would not let me use the phone. Would it have made a difference if I’d said my car had broken down? I doubt it. So I have decided, if they couldn’t let me use their phone, I will not let them have my money. Suck on that, Jack in the Crack.


Decorations for My New Office

I am the (EXTREMELY EXCITED) new school counselor at the elementary school in my neighborhood! It is the school my kids would go to (if they weren’t furry and four legged). Besides being my passion, being a school counselor will help me get all the hours (300 per semester!) for my doc program. As soon as I found out I had a job, I started shopping for office decor. I am a HUGE fan of Target’s dollar bin and Dollar Tree. I found a bunch of cute stuff at both places for cheap, and with a few other supplies I was able to make quite a few cute creations.

Supplies: acrylic paints, artist palette, stiff bristle paint brush, stencil, and satin finish sealer.

Caption: Tray from Target ($2.50) that I stenciled a damask on using acrylic paint. I finished it with a satin finish topcoat/sealer.

Caption: Buckets from Target ($1 each) that I stenciled using acrylic paint and finished with a satin topcoat/sealer.

Tray ($2.50) and blue buckets ($1 each) from Target. I didn’t do anything to them, but I thought they were super cute, so I shared!

While not office decor, I made this for the kitchen. Tray ($2.50) and candlestick ($2.50) from Target. They came in the matching colors, so all I did was hot glue them together!

Caption: Left: a spray painted candlestick ($1) and glass bowl ($1) The vase ($1) on the Right: vase with interior spray painted. The flowers (Garden Ridge) were 75% off, so I got two bunches for 68 cents! Everything else was from Dollar Tree!

Cone of Fear

This is the short and sweet sequel to “Daunting Decoration”.

Damon decided to wear the “cone of fear”, as we have taken to calling it, on his head.  Moxie was burying herself under the pillows on my side of the bed when Damon donned the cone and started crawling towards her.  She started growling at him/it!  She never growls!

I took it back outside where a hanging planter belongs, and Moxie has just given it dirty looks.

Moxie growls at Damon as he crawls towards her wearing the Cone of Fear.

Daunting Decoration

One of my dogs, Moxie, is a rescue.  We found her one October night in the parking lot of the softball complex where we play coed ball.  She had a cute lime green and pink collar, but no tags.  We discussed taking her to the neighborhood nearby to see if she was anyone’s pet.  When Damon opened the door to his truck, she hopped in and curled up in the middle of the bench seat.  We couldn’t kick her out, so we took her home.  She was muddy, so she got a bath and dinner before bed.  We let the local shelter know we found a dog and gave a description, but, thankfully, no one ever came looking.  She has been ours ever since.

She started out very skittish and docile.  After shots and a couple months of not eating trash, her true personality shone through.  She truly lives up to the name Moxie, which was given to her by my 3rd grade class (we took a class vote!).  She still is acts like a scaredy-cat occasionally, like yesterday.  I got a hanging planter at Hobby Lobby for about $7.  Now isn’t a great time to plant anything in Texas, but I figured at 70% off I can fill it with fake flowers until fall.  When I got home I hung it outside our back door from our light.  Next time we let the dogs out, Moxie stood starring at the planter and barking.  She wouldn’t even come back inside!  She hates changes.  (When the neighbors got a satellite dish on their roof, she went berserk.) I thought it would go away after a day, but no.  We come home from lunch today, and again she can’t take her eyes off the planter.  Damon has the brilliant idea to chase her around the house with it.  It ended up hanging from the canopy of our bed.  Moxie loves laying on the foot of the bed, but will not go anywhere near it!   When my husband is done tormenting my dog, it will return to its home outside.


Moxie eyes the evil hanging planter, while Ellie is unaffected by its power.



Take note of the headboard in the picture.  I am creating a padded insert to go inside the trimmed rectangle.  Stay tuned for my how to and any follies!

How I killed Tasha Yar

If you don’t get the title, then you are definitely not a Trekkie (my nerd is showing).  I’ll explain.

Last night, I wanted to make chocolate covered frozen bananas.  I had one a couple of days ago from a local popcorn shop, and I was reminded of Bluth’s Frozen Bananas from Arrested Development.  It was so tasty!  It was $2!  Surely I could make this frozen treat at home for less!  I figured there are like three steps to making frozen bananas.  1. Melt chocolate 2. Dip bananas in chocolate 3. Freeze chocolate bananas.  But just in cases I googled it and found a recipe.  There are four steps: 1. Freeze banana with popsicle stick up its you know what for an hour. 2. Melt chocolate.  I never got to the other steps, because I messed up step two.  I followed the directions and put my chocolate in a double boiler with butter (the directions called for it!).  It started to get kind of fluffy not melty, so I switched to microwaving it.  I kept stirring and nuking this stuff.  Eventually, it liquefied, but there was an inch of clear liquid on top of the chocolate.  Weird.  Maybe that should have been a red flag.  The chocolate was also black.  So naturally, I got out the bananas and tried to spoon some of the ‘chocolate’ onto it.  The chocolate slid right off and started hissing.  Hmmm.  Spoon didn’t work, so I know!  I’ll shove the whole banana into the mix!  It started hissing and spitting.  IT STARTED HISSING AND SPITTING AND IT NEVER STOPPED.  That banana will never be the same, either.  I dumped it in the trash and went upstairs to warn my husband that it might ooze out of the trash like the sludge from Star Trek and kill us in the middle of the night.  Just like it killed Tasha Yar!  I created the monster!

I think I know what the problem was.  I bought chocolate flavored candy coating, and added butter.  I should have left out the butter, or bought real chocolate and added butter.

Today I trekked back to Kroger and bought real chocolate chips, and tonight we will be having a yummy dessert!  Below is the recipe that worked!


How to make chocolate covered bananas:


4 bananas

12 oz. bag semi sweet chocolate chips

4 wooden skewers (or 8 popsicle sticks would work.  I just used what I had available.)

Wax paper (enough to cover a baking sheet)

OPTIONAL: 1 package chopped nuts (like for ice cream topping)


Peel bananas, cut off ends (about 1/2 an inch), and cut in half.  Stick banana halves on sticks.  Line a baking sheet with wax paper, and put bananas on wax paper.  Freeze bananas for an hour.  Using a double boiler, melt chocolate chips and 1 1/2 TBS butter.  When good and melty, dip bananas one at a time in chocolate and use a spoon to help poor over the nanners.  Roll in nuts immediately after dipping and put back on the wax paper.  Freeze for about 10 minutes to harden the chocolate.  Don’t freeze too long, you don’t want freezer burned nanners!  After the second freezing, I put mine in a tupperware container in the fridge.


Click the link (thanks youtube!) to watch Tasha Yar’s death and the resemblance between my chocolate mess and the sludge that killed her!

Blog Noob

So I’m trying out this blog thing.  I figure everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I?  Well, I should.  Why?  Because I think I’m funny, and you, dear reader, might find me funny as well.  I’m a noob (read: new and skill-less) at blogging, but just like everything else in my life, I’ll learn through trial by error  (yes, BY error not AND error, because there’s always an error).  I plan a full explanation on the name.  When I thought of it, I giggled hysterically for several minutes.  It’s just perfect.  It’s so me.  Is that enough build up to get you to come back and read more?  Because a blog is all about readership, right?  It’s like journaling for whores.