Daunting Decoration

One of my dogs, Moxie, is a rescue.  We found her one October night in the parking lot of the softball complex where we play coed ball.  She had a cute lime green and pink collar, but no tags.  We discussed taking her to the neighborhood nearby to see if she was anyone’s pet.  When Damon opened the door to his truck, she hopped in and curled up in the middle of the bench seat.  We couldn’t kick her out, so we took her home.  She was muddy, so she got a bath and dinner before bed.  We let the local shelter know we found a dog and gave a description, but, thankfully, no one ever came looking.  She has been ours ever since.

She started out very skittish and docile.  After shots and a couple months of not eating trash, her true personality shone through.  She truly lives up to the name Moxie, which was given to her by my 3rd grade class (we took a class vote!).  She still is acts like a scaredy-cat occasionally, like yesterday.  I got a hanging planter at Hobby Lobby for about $7.  Now isn’t a great time to plant anything in Texas, but I figured at 70% off I can fill it with fake flowers until fall.  When I got home I hung it outside our back door from our light.  Next time we let the dogs out, Moxie stood starring at the planter and barking.  She wouldn’t even come back inside!  She hates changes.  (When the neighbors got a satellite dish on their roof, she went berserk.) I thought it would go away after a day, but no.  We come home from lunch today, and again she can’t take her eyes off the planter.  Damon has the brilliant idea to chase her around the house with it.  It ended up hanging from the canopy of our bed.  Moxie loves laying on the foot of the bed, but will not go anywhere near it!   When my husband is done tormenting my dog, it will return to its home outside.


Moxie eyes the evil hanging planter, while Ellie is unaffected by its power.



Take note of the headboard in the picture.  I am creating a padded insert to go inside the trimmed rectangle.  Stay tuned for my how to and any follies!


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