How to Soak Off Acrylic Nails

I have had acrylic nails for quite awhile. I really like them! They make my thin and brittle nails stronger, and my polish lasts for weeks! My wonderful nail lady told me it was time for a new set, not just a fill, because my nail keeps separating from the fake nail. Well, with all the crafting, painting, and working in my new office, I figure I’ll wait to get a new set until right before school starts. That left me with two options, let the acrylic grow out, or soak them off. I let them grow out a bit, but they started to look gross, so off they came! I read up on how to online and had two more options: nail polish remover or pure acetone. Some said not to use the pure acetone, but I’m impatient, and the regular nail polish would take longer.

Pyrex/glass bowl
fingernail clippers
nail brush

Materials: pyrex bowl, vaseline, and acetone

1. Cut down your nails as short as you can stand. The shorter they are, the easier to get off.
2. Rub Vaseline on your fingers and cuticles to prevent over drying from the acetone.
3. Soak your fingertips. The nails start to turn gummy. Check to see if you can peel them off after about 5 minutes. I used the metal file part on my clippers. Keep soaking until they all come off!

I filed the tops to get the last little bumps off, and polished them with a clear strengthening coat.

My nails after the soak off with a coat of clear. You can see my freshly painted toes, too!

Ta Da!


My New Office: Stage Two

My Dad-in-law and I went up to my office today to work. Upon arriving, I noticed some changes had been made to my office. I’d been robbed! I feel so violated! Okay, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic. My once furnished office was bear, with the exception of the desk, two filing cabinets, two chairs, and a small table and chairs. Now, that may sound like a lot, but here’s what I was missing: leather love seat (with cute damask pillows!), leather chair, cute damask photo board, all the adorable wall decor, books, stuffed animals, and a lot of resources. And here’s the worst part: my crate of cherished, hard cover children’s books and some organizational stuff was missing, too. I found a pile of it in the hallway and quickly reclaimed my organizational stuff, but my books were no where to be found. I talked to my principal (love her!), and she figured out that it was the previous counselor. After getting in contact with her, she and I are meeting tomorrow, and she is returning my books!

(UPDATE 8/9: She was so sweet! Her family had helped her move and accidentally grabbed my stuff! She had a welcome gift for me and said I could call her with questions! She moved the furniture and decor back to her house and took the stuff she bought, which is understandable!)

Dad-in-law moved my desk and made it sturdier than it was before! Then he went to work, and I got to decorating, organizing, and cleaning like a mad woman. Here is what I accomplished. You may recognize many of the items on my desk and walls from my previous How To post: .

Desk and chalkboard dollar store platters hanging on the wall.

This brilliant idea is courtesy of Jouleen via Allyson, my incredibly crafty friends! I didn’t include these in my previous How To post, because the pics came out crappy. The are Dollar Tree silver serving platters that I spray painted with chalkboard paint. Then I tied bows (I googled how to tie a bow and learned off of Martha Stewart’s website, because mine were deformed)and hot glued the ribbon to the back to hang them on the wall! So easy!

Dollar Tree mirrors stenciled and hung by my desk.

The chandelier painting I made. (So proud of it!)

Space to put pens, pencils, etc.

Office decor courtesy of Dollar Tree and Target’s dollar bin.

Old cork board that I spray painted black and trimmed with ribbon.

It looks much better, but still pretty sparse. My wonderful principal said I can get a couch, rug, and decor when the new budget kicks in on September 1st! Stay tuned for updated pics after that!

Honey Do Fund Part One: Sprucing Up the House with Ikea

The husband and I recently sat down and made a budget (that we actually stuck to for a month)! After all the necessities were taken out, we had some money left over to play with. We divided it up into different “funds”, and one we added was what my husband calls the “Honey Do Fund”. Each month I have $200 for working on our house to spend how I choose. Since Damon is a contractor, he will do most of the work, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t charge me for labor! After doing this stuff all day, he does not want to come home and work for free! The good news is that any money I pay him, he puts in our “Vacation Fund”.

So with my first month’s Honey Do money, I bought some different shelves and organizing things from Ikea. I bought a LACK shelf in white ($14.99), PORTIS Hat Rack in black ($19.99), and got two small AS IS shelves ($7.50).

I spray painted the two small shelves flat ‘Almond’ to put in the kitchen. The LACK shelf went in the bedroom to hold decorations (that the cat kept knocking off my bedside table). The hat rack is not for hats at all, but for lids in the kitchen! They were out of the shelf I really wanted for the kitchen when I discovered the PORTIS beauty (which I like WAY better!).

IKEA LACK wall shelf in white $19.99

IKEA PORTIS hat rack used for lids and pans

Small shelves for canisters and the green stand/holder I made!

The husband hung up all the shelves. (I said I could do it, but he said that push pins wouldn’t work, and he didn’t want our shit falling off the walls.) PORTIS and LACK were no problems! The two shelves I got on clearance were a problem. They were AS IS because they didn’t come with the hangy stuff (my technical terms). “No problem!” he said. Except, it seems, that there was not a stud to be found to anchor the top shelf, which meant a trip to Home Depot for some wall anchor screw things that pop open inside the wall, and, of course, lots of cursing. But my shelves are hung! And they look fabulous! And they won’t fall! And I am ever so pleased with myself for using a ‘hat rack’ in the kitchen! Now, there are no more lids cluttering up our pan cabinet! What a space saver!

Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

I’m back from the dead! Well, semi-back-from-the-dead. I had high hopes of all the crafty things I would accomplish this week, but alas, my immune system had other plans. I started to feel cruddy over the weekend, and my chest was really hurting, so Monday morning I went to the doctor. At first, they thought I had pneumonia! After a breathing treatment in the office, she said it probably wasn’t pneumonia, but I got a steroid shot, powerful antibiotic, and an inhaler! I also got stuck in bed all week, because just walking downstairs to make soup wore me out. This seems like it would be a great time to do all the knitting I keep planning to do, but I wasn’t conscious very often. I did manage to finish a project that was on my knitting needles from last winter: fingerless gloves! I made mine short, but you could make them longer! They are oh-so-easy to make!


Size 7 double pointed needles (DPN)
Yarn- I used I Love This Yarn (because it is cheap!), which is worsted weight

The glove with waste yarn for the thumb hole.


Cast on 36 stitches on size 7 straight needles and divide up between the size 7 DPN’s (12, 12, 12).
After knitting a few rounds, mark the start with a stitch marker.
Knit until you get the desired length from end to thumb (about 5 inches on my shorties)
On the next row, knit the first four, then knit the next 6 with waste yarn (knit more if you want a looser thumb hole!).
Continue knitting around for about three more inches.
Bind off.

Flip the glove inside out and pick up your stitches on either side of the waste yarn. I picked up a couple extra stitches on either side to make sure there weren’t gaps. Knit around twice and bind off!

Tuck in all your tails and repeat!

Around the thumb there may be small gaps in the stitches, but I used my tails to help hide these!

The finished product!

Now that I have the gloves off my size 7 needles, I can start the project I’m really looking forward to: a cute baby hat! No, it’s not for me! It’s for a friend’s photography studio; they’re using it as a prop!