Easy Knit Fingerless Gloves

I’m back from the dead! Well, semi-back-from-the-dead. I had high hopes of all the crafty things I would accomplish this week, but alas, my immune system had other plans. I started to feel cruddy over the weekend, and my chest was really hurting, so Monday morning I went to the doctor. At first, they thought I had pneumonia! After a breathing treatment in the office, she said it probably wasn’t pneumonia, but I got a steroid shot, powerful antibiotic, and an inhaler! I also got stuck in bed all week, because just walking downstairs to make soup wore me out. This seems like it would be a great time to do all the knitting I keep planning to do, but I wasn’t conscious very often. I did manage to finish a project that was on my knitting needles from last winter: fingerless gloves! I made mine short, but you could make them longer! They are oh-so-easy to make!


Size 7 double pointed needles (DPN)
Yarn- I used I Love This Yarn (because it is cheap!), which is worsted weight

The glove with waste yarn for the thumb hole.


Cast on 36 stitches on size 7 straight needles and divide up between the size 7 DPN’s (12, 12, 12).
After knitting a few rounds, mark the start with a stitch marker.
Knit until you get the desired length from end to thumb (about 5 inches on my shorties)
On the next row, knit the first four, then knit the next 6 with waste yarn (knit more if you want a looser thumb hole!).
Continue knitting around for about three more inches.
Bind off.

Flip the glove inside out and pick up your stitches on either side of the waste yarn. I picked up a couple extra stitches on either side to make sure there weren’t gaps. Knit around twice and bind off!

Tuck in all your tails and repeat!

Around the thumb there may be small gaps in the stitches, but I used my tails to help hide these!

The finished product!

Now that I have the gloves off my size 7 needles, I can start the project I’m really looking forward to: a cute baby hat! No, it’s not for me! It’s for a friend’s photography studio; they’re using it as a prop!


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  1. This would be a terrific project for me… If I knew how to knit! Love it! How has summer almost completely gone by and I haven’t asked you to teach me your ‘knit’ tricks? 🙂 glad you’re feeling better!

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