A Ticking Clock

The husband and I were talking about having a baby today. Let me back up. Yesterday, one of my favorite people in the world, Allyson, got married. I took a few pictures for her bridal shower invite and blogged about it in: I Shot Allyson. We’ve known each other since she was five and I was eight. At her wedding there were tons of cute photos of her and her brothers when they were little. I don’t have any brothers and sisters, but I consider Allyson and her three brothers my family/siblings. I babysat them when they were young! This brought on my husband’s comment about how he wanted a little one of our own. He said he’s ready. I think I might be ready… So the plan is to “poop one out” as husband says next May (not this May as in 2013, but NEXT May 2014, MAYBE). It’ll be the end of my second year as a school counselor, and I’ll be ready to pop after finishing my classes for my doctorate. I figure I can take my time to write my dissertation while I care for my baby!

This had me thinking about that baby hat I knit for a photo shoot for Love and Grace Photography . I completely forgot to add the gorgeous pictures they took! It’s also time for me to knit a baby hat for Minna, who is one half of Love and Grace Photography.

For the original post and knitting pattern see: Size Doesn’t Mater.

This is baby Ryder in the hat I knit.

So adorable!

Minna said the pictures with my hat were her favorites!


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