About Audrey

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My name is Audrey (faudrey is a nickname and my gravatar name); I’m 30, an only child, and married to my high school and college sweetheart (one man, named Damon; I’m not a polygamist).  We were married on June 21, 2008, and he keeps me from being an incredibly boring cat lady.  We have two dogs: Ellie, a yellow lab, and Moxie, a yellow speckled mutt; they are our children.  I swore I’d never become one of ‘those people’ who refer to their dogs as kids, but here I am.  We also have a dilute calico cat named Frieda Fuzzypaws after one of my favorite childhood books, Suppertime for Frieda Fuzzypaws, because she looks just like the main character!

What I Do:

I am a school counselor in an urban school district, which will remain nameless to protect them (from me tarnishing their sterling reputation).  My school is in the neighborhood in which I live (dammit, the grammar Nazi in me won’t let me end a sentence in a preposition). I work in the same district where I went to school.  I believe in giving back to the community and keeping [anonymous city] beautiful!  I have taught 5th, 3rd, and 6th science/SS.  I have a masters and PhD in counseling.  I think I am funny; I routinely crack myself up! (Aside: Ask me what I call someone who goes back on their word? It’s hilarious and not blog appropriate.) I like to stay busy, so I teach adjunct at a local university, have a part-time photography business, play softball (coed with Damon), knit, and like to take on DIY projects (I am no longer allowed to do any projects involving super glue.  Funny story.  I should tell you sometime.).  The DIY projects (and any endeavors in the kitchen) are where my daily life turns into a comedy of errors.  I do dumb things (daily). I hope you can learn from the things that go wrong, and the ones that go right, too.


I have to throw this disclaimer out there: this blog in no way represents my school district, campus, my university, me as a counselor, etc.  I am more than my profession, education, and hobbies.  This is me, however crass and not-so-politically-correct.  I hope not to offend people, but if you are offended, STOP READING MY BLOG.  I may sensor myself some, because what if the parents of my students or my counseling clients were to stumble on this? What would they think if they knew the real me???  They’d probably wonder how I made it to 30.


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