Sparkly Spooky Centerpiece

It’s October and my mom and I where gearing up for Halloween and fall decorating.  We needed a few things (okay, wanted quite a few things), so we went to Hobby Lobby.  My mom found a three tiered pumpkin centerpiece she wanted, but it was $49.99.  Brilliant! We can make that for cheaper!  We started gathering our supplies.  I got three fake pumpkins of different sizes, one cream, one black, one silver glitter, from Target for $13.  At Hobby Lobby I got a distressed wood base for about $5; I had a 40% off coupon!  Then on to Garden Ridge where I bought black glitter strand stuff $7, a ‘pick’ (decoration with a pointy end to stick in something) of purple glittery coils $1.49, and something from the floral department with large purple sequins (didn’t use that part) and the spider $1.99.   My mom got three fake pumpkins from Hobby Lobby and green and orange sparkly strand stuff.

Perfect for Halloween!

I started by using multi-colored glitter spray on the cream and black pumpkins.  I used a couple of strands of green and a strand of orange from my mom’s stash.  I wrapped the black and green around the base, hot gluing in some spots to keep it in the place I wanted it.  I stacked up the pumpkins, gluing each one together and to the base.  Then I wrapped black in between each pumpkin; loosely wrapped green and orange strands in opposite direction around the pumpkin tower; and finished with purple coils and a spider (both cut from their original stems).  It didn’t take very long, and for $30, I’m super impressed with myself.  My color scheme was inspired by a FAB-U-LOUS wreath that a teacher friend has on her classroom door.  Le Sigh.  If only I could convince Damon that I need one of those wreaths, too.

The magnificent sparkly pumpkin crown topped with a spider and coil.

I sprayed glitter on the cream and black pumpkin. Definitely noticeable in person!

I just love my handy work! Now if I can only get Damon to let me buy the matching wreath!


A New Home for My Earrings

A couple of years ago I made an earring holder from a grease strainer. I got the idea from a friend’s blog:  Ooh!  I also got the fabulous idea to get Walmart baskets and hot glue yarn words on to organize my stuff!  Take a gander below.

Grease Strainer Earring Holder with a little paint, yarn, ribbon, and jewels.

Baskets with yarn wording to organize my bathroom closet.

I made this basket for my bathroom counter with all the stuff I use daily.

I loved it! But soon my earrings outgrew the grease strainer. It was messing up the Feng Shui of my bedroom. I needed a new idea, and in swooped Pinterest. I was planning on creating my new fabric headboard this weekend, but being sick (again!) got in the way. The Pinterest link took me to where I found the idea to buy a decorative sheet metal piece. I put my own twist on it. I didn’t cut it at all. Instead, I had the hubby cut two pieces of 1 by 2s to go across the top and bottom to hold it away from the wall. I spray painted the wood with left over paint from my Ikea kitchen shelves. I hot glued the metal to the wood, and then I hot glued it all to the wall! I hung my earrings and found that this particular pattern is great to hook post back earrings through too! I just slide the back part through the larger scrolly part and slide down until it is secure into a narrower section!

Metal Sheet from Home Depot hot glued onto painted wood supports.

So much more space now!