I’ve Got a Few (Stolen Beauty) Tricks Up My Sleeve

I’ve got three beauty tricks up my sleeve, and I can’t claim any of them!

Normally, I am not a lots-o-makeup-wearing, girly girl.  I like sleep, and I don’t like the way I look with heavy foundation.  I’m a powder, blush, one color eye shadow, and mascara kind of girl on work days.  On weekends, I’m an “I took a shower, what more do you want from me?” kind of girl.  That’s why I like the three beauty tricks below.  It even gets utilitarian minded me excited about makeup!

The first trick comes from pinterest, and the rest come from the makeup artist who did the makeup for my friend’s wedding party.


1. I read another blog about DIY makeup setting face spray.  I’m not sure how intellectual property laws work, or about blog etiquette, so I’m not linking to it.  I’ve seen and read in beauty magazines about makeup setting spray; I haven’t been willing to invest in any.  Urban Decay sells three different types (oil control, moisturizing, and long lasting) for $29, so it was worth it to me to try this recipe to make my own!


Pure glycerin (pure aloe would work, too)- My mom works at Kroger Pharmacy, and they ordered my the 6 oz. bottle shown for $8 (no shipping!).  Your local pharmacy can order it from their overnight supplier.  I ordered mine Wednesday night and got it Thursday morning: so fast and easy!

Filtered water- I used the stuff that comes out of my fridge dispenser.

A spray bottle- mine is 3 oz. and is 97 cents at Target!


Dry Skin: 2 TBSP glycerin and 4 TBSP water

Combo Skin: 1 TBSP glycerin and 3 TBSP water

Oily Skin: 1 TBSP glycerin and 4 TBSP water


All you do is mix, and then shake it before each use.  Why it works: glycerin is moisturizing, which allows your face to stay hydrated.  It also bonds with the makeup, setting your face.  I use Bare Minerals and find that sometimes I look a little powdery/cakey.  I think it’s because my skin is uber dry.  I mixed mine for dry skin, and find that this gives me the perfect dewy glow all day, without looking oily.  I also spray it on my face in place of moisturizer, when I feel I need it.  Glycerin can be used on hair, too.  One word of caution: I made the mistake of spraying before makeup and twice after makeup.  OVERKILL.  I think I also missed my face, and my hair looked oily that day.  So cheap, I’m in love already!

The only ingredients needed for DIY makeup setting spray: water, pure glycerin, and a spray bottle!


2. You know that expensive eye primer cream?  Yeah, I shelled out quite a few bucks for some of that.  The makeup artist for my friend’s wedding said she just uses Chapstick.  Chapstick.  Plain, old Chapstick.  She said she’s used both, and Chapstick (she used the cherry kind, and it smelled good!) works just as well.  I have to say that my eye makeup looked just as good at the end of the night, in spite of crying, sweating, and cold wind.  I went out and bought the moisturizing kind just to keep in my makeup bag for my eyes!


This is all you need to keep eye makeup in place!


3. This fabulous makeup artist also introduced me to gel eyeliner.  I’ve been using a pencil, because I look like a kindergartner’s art project gone wrong when I use liquid.  But I like the look of liquid!  But pencils (especially the kind you just twist up) are so easy!  She let me use her Maybelline Gel Eyeliner to do my own eyeliner (I’m not so good at the sitting still).  I loved it!  It went on smooth and easy.  It went on straight, and I could easily fix any hiccups.  It looked great, like liquid, and was even easier than my pencil.  No more rubbing my skin off with a stubborn pencil, or looking like a hot mess with liquid.  I went out and bought some of this the next day at Target for about $8.  It came with a brush and everything!  It’s small, but the makeup artist said she’s had hers for months, so it will last a while.    Get Maybelline’s here.  MAC also makes one for $15 that you can get here.


So smooth and easy! Looks like liquid, but is easier than pencil!


When I’m done being sick, I may post a pic of me utilizing all three makeup tricks!