How to Soak Off Acrylic Nails

I have had acrylic nails for quite awhile. I really like them! They make my thin and brittle nails stronger, and my polish lasts for weeks! My wonderful nail lady told me it was time for a new set, not just a fill, because my nail keeps separating from the fake nail. Well, with all the crafting, painting, and working in my new office, I figure I’ll wait to get a new set until right before school starts. That left me with two options, let the acrylic grow out, or soak them off. I let them grow out a bit, but they started to look gross, so off they came! I read up on how to online and had two more options: nail polish remover or pure acetone. Some said not to use the pure acetone, but I’m impatient, and the regular nail polish would take longer.

Pyrex/glass bowl
fingernail clippers
nail brush

Materials: pyrex bowl, vaseline, and acetone

1. Cut down your nails as short as you can stand. The shorter they are, the easier to get off.
2. Rub Vaseline on your fingers and cuticles to prevent over drying from the acetone.
3. Soak your fingertips. The nails start to turn gummy. Check to see if you can peel them off after about 5 minutes. I used the metal file part on my clippers. Keep soaking until they all come off!

I filed the tops to get the last little bumps off, and polished them with a clear strengthening coat.

My nails after the soak off with a coat of clear. You can see my freshly painted toes, too!

Ta Da!