Decorations for My New Office

I am the (EXTREMELY EXCITED) new school counselor at the elementary school in my neighborhood! It is the school my kids would go to (if they weren’t furry and four legged). Besides being my passion, being a school counselor will help me get all the hours (300 per semester!) for my doc program. As soon as I found out I had a job, I started shopping for office decor. I am a HUGE fan of Target’s dollar bin and Dollar Tree. I found a bunch of cute stuff at both places for cheap, and with a few other supplies I was able to make quite a few cute creations.

Supplies: acrylic paints, artist palette, stiff bristle paint brush, stencil, and satin finish sealer.

Caption: Tray from Target ($2.50) that I stenciled a damask on using acrylic paint. I finished it with a satin finish topcoat/sealer.

Caption: Buckets from Target ($1 each) that I stenciled using acrylic paint and finished with a satin topcoat/sealer.

Tray ($2.50) and blue buckets ($1 each) from Target. I didn’t do anything to them, but I thought they were super cute, so I shared!

While not office decor, I made this for the kitchen. Tray ($2.50) and candlestick ($2.50) from Target. They came in the matching colors, so all I did was hot glue them together!

Caption: Left: a spray painted candlestick ($1) and glass bowl ($1) The vase ($1) on the Right: vase with interior spray painted. The flowers (Garden Ridge) were 75% off, so I got two bunches for 68 cents! Everything else was from Dollar Tree!