What’s in a Name?

I’d been mulling over the idea of starting a blog for a while.  All the women I know do it.  If people find them interesting, well, dammit, I can be interesting, too.  My deciding moment came one boring, summer Tuesday night, when I managed to mess up melting chocolate (and created a diabolical molten monster).  I decided I’d share my mistakes with DIY projects and cooking, so that others could learn from them and have success!  I sat down at my computer to start my blog, but I needed a name.  I came up with one that was not politically correct, and possibly offensive.  I needed something different.  Then it came to me.  When telling the story to my mom of how I messed up melting chocolate (and created a diabolical molten monster), I ended my story with, “You might want to get me a helmet for Christmas.”  This has been a running family joke, since I could make decisions.  I once asked my mom if there was flour in cookies.  I was currently making cookies.  In high school.  How did I make it to 27? My parents are always wondering how I have made it through life without a helmet (to prevent me from accidentally hurting myself).  My mom also dropped me on my head a lot as a baby.  I blame her.


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